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Driving in other Countries

Tips/Information When Driving In Other Countries.

Below are some tips and information which might be of assistance to those of you driving in other countries.

This information has been brought to us by our members in good faith. It has not been validated by the club and therefor should be taken as something you should consider and investigate further if it might apply to you.

Happy Motoring.


Speeding in France

Currently drivers from Ireland, Denmark or the UK are not pursued under Cross Border Enforcement regulations if they are caught speeding either by radar speed trap or fixed camera in France. However, from 6th May 2017, you will receive a fine in the post if you are caught speeding by the authorities. They will look prosecute even if you are 1kph over the limit.

French low emission zones

Low emission zones have been introduced in Paris Lyon and Grenoble. From January 17th 2017 the LEZ will be enforced in Paris. Owners of foreign registered vehicles are required to purchase a ‘Crit’Air Vignette’ to drive in certain areas. Visit https://www.certificat-air.gouv.fr/ for more information.

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