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Munster Motorhome Club
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Please note.
Membership for 2024 is now open.

Benefits Of Membership.

Membership to the club is limited. If you are interested in joining please contact the Hon. Secretary for details. Our annual membership fee is only €30.00 and there is no joining or administration fees.
"What I can get from being a member of a club" is a question you should ask before being separated from your hard earned cash. This question should be asked no matter what part of the world you come from.

1)     Do I want to be at a rally where there is up to 150 motorhomes and you don't get the opportunity to get to know who is next to you?

2)     Do I have to travel 200 Kilometrers on a Friday evening?
3)     Can I get to a venue which is only 50 kilometers from home?
4)     If I play an instrument will I be welcome?
5)     Will there be other children, who my children will get to know?
6)     Can I sing a song while away for the weekend?
7)     Are the other members friendly?

Our members have years of experience touring all over Europe. If you are going abroad and would like some assistance or guidance please contact the secretary.
The Munster Motorhome Club wants people to join to enjoy the company of others who like to get out and about at weekends, share advice on travel and advice on obtaining parts and accessories for their motorhomes. There is always someone out there who has been to a place we never even heard of, even in their own country let alone abroad. Share your knowledge with others. If you think you know it all you are only fooling yourself. Somebody out there knows about that beach you are always dreaming about.

Becoming a Member.

All those wishing to become members can only apply after attending not less than two get-togethers.
If you wish to attend one of these please advise the club a few days in advance by using the Contact Us form.

The application form (which is only available form the Secretary) together with the membership fee must be given to one of the club officials at a get-together.

Membership falls due for renewal on the 1st January each year irrespective of the initial joining date.

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